The principles within this section are designed to assist the Board of Directors and the Executive Management team of Pride Packaging communicate how the Board and Management group will conduct itself and manage the affairs of Pride Packaging.

Committee Structure
The standing committees for Pride Packaging are:

• Governance Committee
• Financial Audit Committee
• Compensation Committee
• Strategic Business Committee


Each Committee will develop a charter that is approved by all committee members. Each Committee will be chaired by an independent director unless noted below. No director may serve more than three successive years on any such committee without written extension or renewal wishes by all members of the committee.

The Governance Committee will consist of three independent members and be chaired by the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Strategic Officer. The Pride Packaging By-Laws authorize the Board to establish such committees as the Board deems necessary to properly govern the company.

The Financial Audit Committee will consist of three Board members and one independent member and be chaired by the Chairman of the Board.

The Compensation Committee will consist of three Board members and one independent member and be chaired by the Chief Strategic Officer.

Directors are considered to be independent as long as they do not accept any consulting, advisory, or other compensatory fee (other than Board or Committee fees) from the Company.

Office of the Chairman Duties

The principle duties of the Chairman of the Board are as follows:

1. Board Meetings

Chair all Pride Packaging meetings of the Board
Establish an agenda for each Board meeting
Utilize the expertise and experience of each director

2. Corporate Governance

Provide input and support to the various Chairs of the Governance Committee,
Financial Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee and any newly
formed committees’ deemed necessary
Be accountable for all company leadership issues of corporate governance

Provide a compensation philosophy for the Board

3. Communication

Provide and ensure the facilitation and dissemination of useful information to the Board in full disclosure of all financial, personnel and strategic business matters.


4. Shareholder Meetings

Recommend to the Board, for its approval, an agenda for each Board and/or
shareholder meeting
Provide leadership to the Board on all annual meetings of shareholders


Board of Directors
The Board is presently comprised of five directors and the Board desires to expand to a membership of seven directors and limit the directors to a maximum level of nine.

Board Meetings and Executive Sessions
The Board of Directors will meet at least four times per year, typically at the end of each quarter. Future meetings are scheduled as follows:

March 20, 2006 Location and time to be determined
June 15, 2006 Location and time to be determined
September 2, 2006 Location and time to be determined
December 23, 2006 Location and time to be determined

Appropriate officers, employees or consultants to Pride Packaging may be invited by the CEO, CSO and/or Chairman to either a session meeting or quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

All session or Board meetings will have corporate minutes taken and the minutes shall be published for company record. Executive Session meetings can be called by two or more Executive managers or Board members. The number of Executive Session meetings is unlimited. Each Session meeting must have a published agenda that is distributed to all attendees prior to the meeting.


Company By-Laws
The Company By-Laws will be established after the final Articles of Incorporation are presented to the State Of Illinois for final ownership shares and fractions.

Communicating to the Board
Pride Packaging will establish several communication venues for all shareholders.

• Financial concerns should be directed in writing to the Chairman of the Financial Audit Committee
• Concerns of company governance practice, ethics, or corporate conduct, should be made in writing to the Governance Committee
• Other concerns should be communicated to the Company’s secretary

Code of Conduct and Ethics
The company has adopted a code of business conduct and ethics that applies to all directors, officers and employees. The most important asset of Pride Packaging is our reputation for integrity.

Pride Packaging is committed to fair hiring practices and promotes employees based on talent and on their contributions. Our goal is to attract and retain a culturally diverse workforce that matches the society in which we seek business.

Pride Packaging will avoid involvement in any activity that conflicts or gives the appearances of conflict of business interest.

Minority Business Certification
Pride Packaging is a Minority Business Enterprise and is a minimum of at least fifty-one percent (51%) minority owned, operated and managed, as per the minority ownership criteria of various local state and federal accredited organizations. Pride packaging will be submitting for National and regional certification per the criteria standards set forth by the various certification councils.



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